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I have had the Kraken for years now. I have carried it combat, in the woods, hunting, and every were in between. I can honestly say that it has saved my life twice in combat, and I have no doubt that it will never fail me. I have never own a finer blade. They may not be cheap, but they are worth twice their weight in gold. It holds a good edge well, cuts flesh like butter, and is literally stong enough it drive in a tree and stand on. (Yes, I have done it too.) Other than the coating having worn done and off some it's as beautiful as ever. I only wish that the current sheath was available when I got mine. I will definitely have to get one. I am in the market for few new blades, and this is were I'll be getting them.

Absolutely the finest knife and workmanship I have owned. I used to carry Gerber and Bucks when in the 82nd, and wish these would have been available back then. I carry the 4 inch Utility/Fighter with me almost all the time. Have had many compliments on both the knife and the Harp leather SOB sheath. I will be buying more knives when they are available.

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