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3lb Camp Axe

3lb Camp Axe

3lb hand forged Camp Axe with a 24" Hickory handle and leather scabbard. 


The head is forged from 4140 alloy steel, heat treated and tempered to produce a hardness of 55rc to hold an edge but not chip.  The American Hickory handle is from the good folks at Whiskey River Trading co.  Your handle was soaked in Boiled Linseed Oil (BLO) for 24hrs but we suggest that you use this oil schedual to keep your handle in tip top shape.  Wipe with BLO everyday for a week, once a week for a month and once a month for a year.


The Scabbard was hand made by Jack out of Black Latigo 9-10oz Leather that is chrome and veg tanned then packed with waxes and oils to protect your leather and tools from the elements.  The welt was glued in, double stitched and riveted in order to protect your investment for a lifetime of hard use.


Grab your Axe today!

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