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Kuko Karambit (Triple-edge)

When I designed this Karambit I had Military and Law Enforcment Men and Women in mind that often wear gloves in their line of work.  So I made the ring oversized to even fit my big mitts with gloves on.  The Kuko Karambit is made out of Nitro-V stainless steel and is either Cerakoted Armor Black or blasted and tumpled to give it a raw stone washed finish that hides wear and tear.  The Tri edge model was designed as a (GET OFF ME!) tool.  No matter which direction you slash or rip, there is a sharp edge that will cut.  Comes with a custom molded Kydex sheath and your choice of attaching hardwear.


Rockwell Hardness 59c

Thickness .195"

Main cutting edge length 3.5"

Overall length 8"

    Attachment accesories